MRAMOR BERKSTONE plant was created primarily for the processing of marble. The enterprise is located at 1 “Mramor” Street in the town of Berkovitsa, near the “Mramor” Stadium. The entire central pedestrian area of the city is built with marble mined on the territory of Berkovitsa municipality and processed in the MRAMOR BERKSTONE factory. The famous “Malinarka” fountain is also made of Berkovitsa pink marble. The fountain was built in 1967 and is a symbol of the city of Berkovitsa. It is made of pink marble. It is located meters from Yordan Radichkov Square and the Clock Tower. Beautiful and original, the fountain offers the residents of Berkovitsa and the guests of the city mountain water.


It is dedicated to Berkovitsa raspberry pickers, who collected the fruits on the outskirts of the city in the past years. Their beauty and hard work were so captivating that they bewitched the young writer and poet Ivan Vazov, who dedicated some of his most significant poems to them. Today, the fountain is a source of pride for the people of Berkovitsa and is a fond memory of the huge raspberry massifs that were grown until recently in the foothills of the Berkovitsa mountain, of the beautiful songbirds who picked the fragrant raspberries in the morning dew, and of the young poet who sang about the generations of labor of these maiden raspberry growers.

Wait, boy, wait and see

those blue eyes

your basket is full

with red raspberries.

You have taken them since dawn

with pink fingers

you took them, then you sang

among the dense forests

Ivan Vazov


In the first years of its activity, the plant mined and processed marble from the nearby Gorunovski dol quarry. The marble is gray, white and pink. The marbles fall towards the lower horizon of the diabasephyllitoid formation. They are fine-grained and massive in texture.

At the moment, the plant processes marble bought from quarries in southern Bulgaria, but the ambition of the new owners from the company “Marble Invest” AD is for that MRAMOR BERKSTONE to have its own quarry for marble, as actions in this direction have already been taken, and of particular interest is the famous Berkovitsa pink marble , which has unique decorative qualities.